What is Anywhere Laser Tag?  It is high-tech, team based laser tag inspired by popular video games like "Call of Duty" or "HALO".  We are 100% mobile, and come to the battlefield of your choice.  Customization is what separates us from the old, out-dated laser tag.  The settings on the gun can be changed which allows for an unlimited amount of mission types.

Is it Safe?  There are no LASERS.  The guns use  INFARARED light just like your tv remote control, so it's safe for your eyes. There are no projectiles, and no safety gear is required.

Who can play?  Everyone 8 and older as long as they sign a waiver.

How do the gaming guns work?  Our guns were designed by Special Forces to look and feel like real guns.  The guns have a red dot scope that must be used to accurately hit one of the three sensors on your opponent's vest.  When you are hit, the gun says ouch so you know you're hit, and the sensors light up so everyone else knows you're hit.  When you are dead, the sensors stay lit up, and the gun says, "Man Down, Man Down"

What do I wear?    We encourage durable, long legged pants or clothing.  Players must wear shoes, and no sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed.  Your referee may reserve the right to deny players from participating if their attire is not suitable for playing conditions.

What size property do I need?  It depends on the number of players, but most games can be played around a person's house.

What's a typical party/event?  We usually arrive at the site no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Upon arrival, the Mission Director will review the waivers, finalize payment, survey your property to set-up your battlefield, and set out the gaming guns for players.  Your Mission Director will organize teams, instruct players on equipment use, go over gaming rules, conduct a safety briefing, identify the playing boundaries, and go over the mission types.  At the conclusion of the event, all of our gear will be picked up, and we'll give out feedback forms.

What do we do if it rains? 
I generally try to do the party in the rain or snow. If the rain is light there is really no reason to postpone a party. Moderate or heavy rain can effect the guns. I do not do parties in thunderstorms. Light rain, fog or better yet light snow only add to the experience. Every month a few mothers will tell us how their son has expressed disappointment that his party is not in the rain like his friend's party. 

Where Else Can I Play Laser Tag?

https://www.fireballmountain.com      Wrightstown, NJ