Laser Tag Reservations 

60 MIN


90 MIN


120 MIN


Add 30 MIN


​​​Have your own Private Party and invite as many as you'd like

Play Indoors and Outdoors

Day or Night

Play at your House

Local Park - Gym - Church - School - Camp 

in the Woods or just About ANYWHERE.

The Staff sets up and coordinates 4 - 6 Different Mission Types

Our staff will arrive at your location 20 - 30 minutes before the  scheduled start time to set up.

Set up includes tables for taggers, and 12 laser tag guns, but you can invite as many as you like and we can coordinate players substituting in and out of games. 

We can have up to 24 play at a time with the purchase of additional guns.

If your space doesn't have a lot of good hiding  places, we can provide and set up additional barriers.

 At the scheduled start time of your event, our staff will review rules, safety procedures,equipment use, and details about the first  mission.

Please encourage players to arrive on time so everyone gets a  chance to play as long as possible.


​ 12 players will gear up and the Event Coordinator will supervise


After the party, our staff will need 10 - 20 minutes to pack our gear.

about Anywhere Laser Tag