CAPTAINS - ​ Each team chooses their captain who only has one life, while the other players have multiple lives.  The objective is to be the first team to eliminate the other team's captain.

TEAM ELIMINATION - ​Teams try to eliminate all the players from the other team first.​

​LAST STAND -  The defending team must hold its position as long as possible, while the attacking team tries to eliminate them as fast as possible.  The defenders get only one life, while the attacking team gets multiple lives.  After the last defender is eliminated, the teams switch sides. Whichever team can hold out the longest wins. ​ ​

​DOMINATION - Your mission is to take control of a key tactical position and dominate it for as long as possible. There is a domination counter for each team that must be pressed to get points.  If a player is eliminated, he must return to his base. The team that has the most points at the end of the game wins.​

STOP THE BOMB​ -  Teams start behind their base, and the bomb is ticking. One team's goal is to get to the bomb and stop it from blowing up by decoding a lengthy sequence. The other team's goal is to stop them and allow the bomb to explode.

PROTECT THE PRESIDENT -  One team, the secret service, protects the President and has to move him to a secret location, while the other team, the assassins, try to eliminate the President. 

HUNGER GAMES - This game is everybody for themselves. Private alliances can be formed, but be careful because teammates may turn on you. Last player alive wins.

CAPTURE THE FLAG - ​ Your team must capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your base.  If you get eliminated while holding the flag, you must drop it, and go back to your base. The winning team must have both flags at its base.