Have the guests arrive early. 
People tend to run late, especially on the weekends. Try to have your guests arrive 15 to 30 minutes early so that everyone is available at the laser tag starting time. All players need to hear the orientation on how to work the laser tag guns. The guns are not the same as the indoor laser tag guns that most people are familiar with.

Have parents pick up half an hour after the laser tag ends. 
Most parties serve cake and ice cream at the end of the games. The guests need time to enjoy the camaraderie of the celebration. This also helps avoid an unnecessary scene if a parent arrives early for a guest pick up. 

Remove any safety hazards
Before your party please check the yard for any potential safety hazards. Pay particular attention for any sharp objects or low hanging branches. Your faithful pet may also have left a few landmines that should be cleared of the battlefield if possible. It is in everyone’s best interest for the players to have a safe and clean experience at your party, your efforts will be greatly appreciated by everyone. 

Decide which areas are to be off limits for game-play. 
If you have any areas that are unsuitable for game play please let me know about them. I bring caution tape to cordon off your prize rosebushes, horseshoe pits, basement stairs or even the less than kid friendly neighbors’ yard. 

Choose where you want the graveyard to be: 
The graveyard is where the players go to wait after they have been killed. Most of the time I use your deck or patio. A shaded area is best in the heat of the summer, an area with a fire-pit or other heat source is ideal in the winter, a covered area works beat if showers are expected and the garage is a good choice if there are high winds. The choice is yours, so try to pick the best area for the player comfort, view of the battle and ease of use for the host to provide refreshments. 

Food & Drink Tips: 
Players appreciate the host putting food and drinks in the graveyard. In the warm months water is essential, cold months hot chocolate is appreciated. 

Use smaller sized drinks, 8 ounce water bottles or juice packs are ideal, or cups and a water cooler. Remember to have a magic marker to mark the cups. Some hosts pre-label bottles or caps to avoid any confusion or unintentional sharing. 

Most hosts put out chips and pretzels as snacks. If you wish to serve something more substantial, try to use finger foods in the graveyard. If you serve pizza be sure to cut it into very small slices to minimize waste. 

Have a trash can or recycle bin in the graveyard. ​